In the meantime… (#3)


Coincidence is a funny thing. It doesn’t have to do anything with accessibility though but it does have to do with how this post was written.

Some days ago, scanning at my Facebook feed I came across an article from scientific american about people with disabilities and superpowers. For all the comic fans out there, it doesn’t have to do with any of the classic heroes such as superman, spiderman, wonder woman, or anyone else. The only superhero refered that happens to match the story of the article is Daredevil who happens to be blind. Read the rest of this entry »


In the meantime…


While waiting for the new weekly post on Monday I’d like to turn your attention to a survey that in my opinion tells some of the story of web accessibility especially for blind and visually impaired people.

I am talking about the WebAIM: Screen reader user survey. This is the forth time that webAIM conducts the survey and it includes also some comparisons with results from previous years. I don’t want to spoil the fun of going through it but I’ll just give you a hint.

What do you think is the item that flashes first in the list of most difficult and frustrating items on web pages?

Sadly enough, as the authors mote, the list hasn’t changed much in the last 2.5 years they are cunducting the survey.

I wonder, will it remain the same in the next 3 years too?

Hello world.


New programmers always start their programming experience with a classic “Hello World” program to get familiar with the first basic notions in programming.

Well… this post is just to get you familiar with this blog.

So what is this blog about. As the subtitle explains in a few words it’s about future technology trends and their possible implications (positive or negative) on accessibility. The starting point was my involvement in the eAccessibility2020 project. Many of the ideas that are going to be posted here have already been discussed with people in the field, others have just came to mind.

What is the purpose of this? Well just to share the ideas with you… the rest of the world! For the next ¬†weeks I ‘ll try to post on a weekly basis. I know that’s a hard procmise to keep for the long term… however with your feedback and contribution I hope that this blog might actually become a useful resource of ideas and who knows… in 2020 some people might read at this and laugh their hearts out!

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