In the meantime… (#2)

That’s one more of those posts to wet your appetite… in between the weekly updates!

A few days ago I was going through my Facebook timeline and this article from mashable caught my attention.

It’s about a new pair of shoes that can guide you back home in case you’re lost. First thing someone would think will be… “Great… I won’t ever get lost again on my vacations!!!”. I don’t know how in fashion you would look with those blinking led lights on top of them but…  who cares… you are a tourist! The inspiration comes from Alice in wonderland as the shoe-makers say. They even used the “clicking the heels interface”!

Well my mind went a few steps further… without getting lost. I wonder, wouldn’t that be a nice gadget for my grandma who might have forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s or any other similar condition? Well… maybe yes… if she can remember to click their heels to get back home in case they are lost. But then I also remembered another article about another pair of shoes. This one helps blind people find their way around by giving them vibration signals. They managed to pack into them some proximity and GPS sensors, connected them with bluetooth with your mobile and here you are… the directional shoes for blind are ready.

So, it seems that up to now we’ve managed to step from “Alice in wonderland” to high-tech shoes for blind to… whatever comes next. Wearable computing is going to step in our lives sooner or later. But it’s not coming on its own. We better be prepared for all those other “bad” things it brings before fashion does its magic and makes these niche gadgets everyday life items.

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